Want to transform events with us?


Our story

Azavista started as we spotted inefficiencies in the event management process. We noticed many stakeholders and project coordinators were sharing information manually.

Event management is a complex operation where we envision better tools leading to better collaboration and better results.

Our culture

We believe in the democracy of ideas and are always assessing new ways to push ideas more efficiently into production. For us, a bottom-up approach to the way projects and ideas flourish is very important. Transparency between all areas of the company is critical. We highly value deadline driven team members who can think out-of-the box and are constantly following industry trends to stay on track.

Work environment

We want you to enjoy coming to work. We have worked hard to create an environment that spawns productivity and happiness. We provide the best equipment money can buy, and also offer an extensive and healthy lunch.

Our Values


We get our goals, projects and OKRs done with great drive and energy. Whenever possible, we should motivate and confront others ideas with enthusiasm and passion as a way to stimulate learning and growth.


We value individuality and uniqueness. We feel it is important for each of our team members to formulate, understand, embrace, and apply their qualities, which leads to our overall success.


We believe we should always be respectful of everyone and celebrate our individual and team successes.


Although we appreciate agile concepts, we strongly believe our customers execute their events with precision. Likewise, we execute our projects and deliverables with precision!


Azavista offers employees competitive salaries and a comprehensive benefits package. Plus, everyone gets a meaningful stake in the company’s long-term success.

Competitive salaries
Medical & dental insurance
Maternity & paternity leave
Vacation days above standards